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The required distance is perhaps the longest of any similar quest, and of course, she walks unbelievably slowly. To make matters worse, she will draw the attention of pretty much all of the tightly-packed enemies on the way out of the den and will be ambushed several times on the long road back. Due to NPC speed being different than PC speed, the above is a problem in every escort quest, though the examples given are indeed standouts. The only thing that works to match PC and NPC speeds is for a PC to ride a basic mount at a walk. Lampshaded in the MMORPG Tabula Rasa; an escort mission specifically tells you the NPC has gone nuts and is about to blindly charge a huge enemy lair, and your job is to escort her to the entrance.
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The mobile HQ in Starscape has firepower and health comparable to the player’s ship, but it’s so big and slow that it doesn’t even bother trying to dodge enemy fire. It also has problems with swarms of weak enemies, as all five guns target the same enemy at the same time. Great Leaders in Civilization III require constant protection to move them from the scene of the battle which created them to a friendly city where they can actually do something useful. Good luck if the battle took place deep in enemy territory! Later games thankfully have Great People spawn from your cities, so they should be safe from combat unless things are going very badly for you.
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